Thursday, 13 September 2012

** Event ** Book Signing - Brian Young

It's almost time for Big Roman Week here in Bo'ness again! This year, it runs from Saturday 15th to Sunday 23rd September, and there's lots going on both in town and further afield to celebrate the area's Roman heritage.

As usual there's lots to see and do, but this year, we'll be holding one of the events here ourselves. On the last Saturday of the week (September 22nd) we'll be holding a book signing event here in the shop - author Brian Young will be here from 12.30pm signing copies of his book 'The Eagle Has Fallen' about the lost Ninth Legion. If you want to be prepared, the book is available to pick up in store now (priced £8.99), or you can get a copy on the day! (If you'd like to reserve a copy, just get in touch and we'll put one aside for you. If you are not able to make it to the signing please just let us know and we can have a copy signed on your behalf which you can collect later.)

About the Book:

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Roman Empire is the apparent disappearance of the Ninth Legion in Britain, and for many years historians have had differing opinions as to the legion's fate. Written as a recollection of the events surrounding what happened in Britain and the rest of the Roman Empire when Hadrian came to power in 117AD, 'The Eagle Has Fallen' is an incredible unravelling of that mystery, based upon factual characters and events: it is the fascinating story of the Ninth Legion and a young Roman officer who served in it.

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