Monday, 4 October 2010

Signed Copies...

We love surprise author visits! Last year we had the pleasure of a surprise visit from fiction author Lesley Pearse when she was in town, and on Saturday it was the turn of Andy Hamilton, co-author (with his brother Dave) of the brilliant 'Self Sufficient-ish Bible' to pop in whilst passing through. Like Lesley, Andy was lovely enough to sign a few copies of his book for us, so if you've been after a copy, now is the time to pick one up!

The Self Sufficient-ish Bible is the book for you if you don't have the space or time to be totally self-reliant, but crave creative ideas for recycling, growing organic vegetables and establishing an environmentally friendly home office. It's full of small suggestions to get you started, and bigger ones for when your confidence grows, as well as recipes, herbal remedies, eco-friendly travel solutions and much much more. If you are one of those organised types who've started their Christmas lists already then this is definitely one to make a note of!

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