Monday, 18 October 2010

New Local Book - Matt Steele, Architect

We're lucky here in Bo'ness to have so much of the town's rich and varied history documented in some wonderful books. ' Local history' has always been one of the most popular sections in the shop, and we've heard stories of books such as 'Old Bo'ness', 'Bo'ness Coal Pits', and 'Bo'ness Speed Hill Climb' winging their way to family, friends and ex-pats in numerous far flung corners of the globe. So with that in mind we're really excited to have another new local book to bring you!

Matt Steele, Architect: A Biography focuses on the life of Matt Steele and his work, particularly in and around Bo'ness. Beautifully laid out, and with pages and pages of wonderful photographs, this book takes in many of the well known sights of the town and explains the architectural history behind them. Personally, I had known of Steele's involvement in the Hippodrome as well as in the building directly opposite the shop here (previously open as 'Wevelings') but I hadn't realised he had undertaken so many comissions around the rest of the town. From shop fronts and offices to churches, sawmills and cinemas, not to mention numerous family homes all around the town, Steele's designs and influence is clearly stamped on the industrial, commercial and residential history of Bo'ness.

If you've always wanted to know a little more about how the town came to look this way, then this book is a must have, and it's a great addition to the selection of local history books available here at the shop.

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