Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I've found a wonderful book...

OK, being a bookseller I find great books all the time but I've realised that hardly any of these amazing books ever get any blog time here - a fact I'd pledged to rectify in the shop's resolutions list this year. So here's the first of many wonderful books I've found (more to follow soon!) ...

This first book is called Black's Sketchbooks 'Edinburgh' 1912 by Gordon Home, and it's a wonderful little hardback containing 15 beautiful pencil sketches of Edinburgh. The sketches show the city as it was in 1912 and feature various locations such as Princes Street, the Castle, John Knox's House etc. as well as the Forth Bridges at South Queensferry, and (have I said this before?) they are just beautiful. They show Edinburgh in all its majesty and contain a level of detail that makes you just want to pack up and go!

The book (available at the bargain price of just £6.99) is part of a series which includes books on London, Cambridge, Stratford Upon Avon, Bath and Wells, and Canterbury, and if any of those places are special to you or someone you know, this would make a wonderful purchase. (Now if only there was one on Bo'ness!)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Movie Magic in Bo'ness...

Look at the lovely movie window!

Isn't it pretty? It's all in aid of the opening of the Bo'ness Hippodrome this week. It's a beautifully restored old cinema, just down the road from the shop that's lain unused for far too long. But now it's been all spruced up and is ready to open it's doors. It will be a wonderful new addition to the visitor attractions in the town and I'm looking forward to seeing my first film in there! It will be open for the first screenings for the public at the end of the week, and the programme of what's going to be on there can be seen here. It even made the news here... and here! (Of course, if you pop along to the cinema, don't forget to visit us here afterwards!)

Yep, the movie window is pretty cool... as is the Easter window over the other side... OK, so my drawings of chicks and lambs aren't going to win me any prizes, but you get the picture and it helps make the place look a little more spring like! Lovely!