Saturday, 14 March 2009

In brief...

In an attempt to get back to blogging slightly more regularly, here's a bit of a brief housekeeping post to keep you updated on a couple of things really quickly...

* March's enewsletter has finally been sent out (yeay!) if you didn't get one and would like one, you can sign up for it here and I'll email it out to you asap.
* I've updated the website again to include this month's new books, and whilst I was there I tweaked it a bit and added the odd extra page here and there. If you want a nosey round it you can get there by clicking here.
* We now have more copies of Hard as Nails back in the shop (it completely sold out last week!) so pop in and pick up yours before it goes again!
* We still have copies of the children's World Book Day books available. Just bring in your yellow voucher to get yours, or purchase them with actual cash-money for the princely sum of ...£1 each.

That's about all for now... a slightly more rambling post to follow soon!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


After logging on to check a few other blogs (see the small but perfectly formed list on the right), and reading Vanessa's spot on remarks about leaving blogs hanging, I suddenly realised how long it's been since this one was updated! So for this I apologise profusely, and now offer a bit of a swiftish run down of what's happened this year so far in an attempt to catch up...

January: The first month into 2009 went pretty well... quite a few people came to the shop and spent, spent, spent on books they wanted but didn't get for Christmas. Excellent! More new books arrived and quite a few books were sold; the remaining shop plants clung on throught the freezing cold with barely a grumle; we took books out on the road, and even managed to squeeze in a blog post!

February: Though February was quieter in the shop, with slightly less people coming in, the ones who did bought books none the less. Great! Along with Pebbles and The Bo'ness Toyshop we embarked on a bit of a marketing drive ('hello' to all the new folks!), and I visited a fab new independent bookshop in Glasgow (more on that below). The massive yellow dumpbin for World Book Day arrived in the shop and I stupidly built it up in the cupboard straight away rather than leaving it till the time it could be put out in the shop. This of course meant that I ended up spending the last few weeks twisting and turning to get past it whenever I wanted to make a cup of tea.

March: well, since we're only on day 3, there's not a lot to report yet, but I'm happy to say that the yellow dumpbin is now on the shop floor, leaving me room to get to the kettle (yeay!) and all the World Book Day books are now available for the princely sum of £1 (or one of those lovely yellow World Book Day book tokens!). And I'll be getting back writing up the old enewsletter too (which also had a bit of a break these last few months) - March issue to be sent sometime in the next few days.

Now for a bit more on my visit to another indy bookshop: Lost in Fiction. If you're in Glasgow's West End at any point, do make the trip and pop in to see it. Eileen has a beautiful little shop, well stocked and with a wonderful feel to it. She's been doing brilliant things with book groups (shhh... I might nick a few of her ideas in the next few months!) and it was just lovely to talk to someone else who's still fairly new to the whole bookshop lark. Her shop is definitely worth a visit, and I hope to return the favour soon and have her pop through to Bo'ness to see my little shop!

Right, enough bloging, time to get back to shop work - those window displays won't change themselves, and since I've just sold the last of the Katy Morag books, there's a spot of ordering to be done too!